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TenantEmail  Employment positions
Kiabi annita.marnerou@hudsonplc.comAssistant Store Manager, Senior Sales Assistant, Sales Assistant
La Maisonanna@toumbas.comSales Assistant
Alpha Mega Barista
Ramazottiramazottibags@gmail.com3-4 Full time Salesman/Saleswoman Representatives Full time/Part time Manager, Sales Advisors  Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Sales Assistants  Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Sales Assistants
Shoe Box Supervisor, Sales Advisors
POW the Shopmaria@powtheshop.comSales Assistants x3
The Mall Kioskrunawayltd@live.comCashiers, Baristas, Waiters/Waitresses, Manager for Restaurant, Assistant Manager for Restaurant
TGI Host/Hostess, Waiter/Waitress, Cooks, Bartenders, Cleaner/Dishwasher, Waitresses, Baristas, Cooks, Kitchen Assistants, Sous Chef, Cashier, Pastry Assistant, Shift Leaders
Café, Waitresses, Baristas, Cooks, Kitchen Assistants, Sous Chef
Taco Assitant, Cashiers
Oriana hr@refalco.comRestaurant Manager, Cashier
Alati / andreasc430@gmail.comKitchen Positions, Cleaner, Cashier, Serving Customers
McDonald’s members,  Guest Experience Leader
Zorbas, Cook, Cleaner
Players Arians Family Supervision, Cashiers
Public hr_cyprus@public.grSales Assistants Home Appliances, Sales Assistants Culture, Sales Assistants Technology, Cashiers, Warehouse Assistants, Service Technicians
Call It / careers@aldocyprus.comFull time Sales Assistants, Part time Sales Assistants, Manager
Fix 2 phone repair technicians Sales Advisors, Store Leader
Inglotrioannidou@papaellinas.comMakeup Artists Barista, Shift Supervisor
Costa x10, Shift Leaders x4, Cleaners x4
iStorm t.smaragdis@istorm.grFull time Sales Assistants, Part time Sales Assistants
Dp…am hr@tradestatus.grAssistant Store Manager, Part Timers
Grand Opticians , Sales Assistants
Kiss Boutiqueiakovospanteli@hotmail.comSales Manager, Merchandising Manager
Athienites Nutszorpaspetros@gmail.comSales Assistants x3 Service Point (CSP) Representatives
Dust & Creamcareers@creamteam.grMakeup Artist, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager Full time, Saleswomen Part time
Tezenisrecruitment@mp-group.comStore Managers, Assistant Managers, Sales Assistants
Crocodile Tsakiris Assistants x2
Kiko Milano goldie.panovlepi@faisgroup.grStore Manager, Assitant Store Manager, Make Up Specialist, Beauty Advisor Assistants x3
Burger, Kitchen Assistant Advisors x3 Advisors x3
MACrioannidou@papaellinas.comMakeup Artists
You & Me Jewelleryrecruitment@esjewel.comSales Assistants x3
Tommy Hilfigeropportunities@sarkk.grStore Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Assistants
Calvin Kleinopportunities@sarkk.grStore Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Assistants
Womens’ Manager, Sales Advisors / arocha@aldocyprus.comFull time Sales Assistants, Part time Sales Assistants, Manager
Ioannou Shoesroubinai@yahoo.grRetail Assistants, Store Managers/ Deputy Store Managers
Holland & Consultant
Prive sports Store manager, Assistant Store Manager, Full time Sales Assistant, Part time Sales Assistant
Skechersvrentzou@toptrends.grStore Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Assistants Hairstylist, Hairstylist Assistant, Receptionist
Hellenic, Supervisors
Da Vinci Gelateriaurbanprop@gmail.comSales Assistant, Barista, Manager
Juicy Fresh Barsoulafotiadou@yahoo.comWaiter, Waitresses
Bio Steam Detailer, Carwash Attendants
Divamariachristoforou61@gmail.comFull time sales assistants, Part time sales assistants

Future Job Openings

If you are interested to join any shop at Metropolis Mall  please send us your CV.

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